FDEA Microfinance is an economic and social empowerment network which has transformed the lives of thousands of women and young entrepreneurs in Senegal since it’s creation in 1987. FDEA offers an institutional framework that facilitates access to credit and savings for entrepreneurs from the informal sector as well as their integration and visibility within the formal sector. It is a microfinance system designed to meet the needs of the most economically vulnerable populations and to empower them to make an effective contribution to the national economy. FDEA’s activities include the provision of affordable micro-financing solutions for micro and small entrepreneurs accompanied by the provision of mentoring, coaching and technical assistance. FDEA’s client base as of FYE 2016 exceeded 110,000, 90% of which are women, in eight out of fourteen regions of Senegal, with a cumulative loan portfolio of USD 45.7 million.

Empower GenerationEmpower Generation is a social enterprise, registered as a charitable organization in the United States, that supports the creation of women-led clean energy distribution networks in South and Southeast Asia.  Empower Generation currently supports a network of 20 women-led businesses, employing over 200 village level sales agents across Nepal. Collectively, since its inception in 2011, this network has distributed over 56,000 clean energy technology products to last-mile households in rural Nepal, saving Nepali families over $2M in household energy expenses.  Empower Generation’s model is unique in that it supports the economic empowerment of women through clean energy entrepreneurship, in remote rural areas where gender based discrimination and the human trafficking of women are highly prevalent.


Samui France  specializes in knowledge broking via technical and  research project coordination, project support, and effective communication, dissemination and exploitation implementation.  Samui has a strong focus on the use of innovative media strategies that leverage web based tools and social media. Samui has particular expertise in the scientific and environemental field, having led a wide range of international scientific and environmental research projects.  The Samui team has extensive experience of working for both the private and government sectors, in Europe and internationally, across a wide range of fields. Specialist skills developed over the past 15 years include the provision of a range of service to support technical and research project management – team coordination, marketing and communications, results dissemination and events management.

The Ashridge Centre for Action Research (ACAR) was established in 2010 to create a practitioner-centred focus for action research and inquiry. Members of the centre work with a wide range of individuals and organisations. The aim of the centre is to draw out knowledge and support learning, to create a better understanding of the situation or problem being studied, and in the process to change it for the better. The centre regularly partners with other Ashridge research centres and external clients. A number of Ashridge graduate programmes also incorporate action research and reflective action inquiry into the learning experience. Members of the centre engage in a diverse range of activities, from supervising graduate students who are undertaking action research and action inquiry projects, to supporting consultants, managers and people acting as change-agents.