Soukeyna N’Diaye Bâ

Honorary Founding Member, Senegal


Soukeyna N’Diaye Bâ is an honorary founding member of ElleSolaire.  As the President and Founder of FDEA Microfinance, a leading Senegalese women’s microfinance institution since 1985, Soukeyna has been at the forefront of women’s economic empowerment and the microfinance movement.  Soukeyna has thirty years of experience in microfinance, management, fundraising, programme development, monitoring and evaluation as well as lobbying and advocacy.   Soukeyna served as the Minister of Decentralized Cooperation and Regional Planning in charge of local economic development for Senegal between 2002 and 2005.  She has acquired more than 15 years of experience in international development and cooperation with the Pan-African Institute for Development, the United Nations and INAFI International, across various continents including the United States, Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa.  Soukeyna is also the Senegal representative of the INAFI International Foundation, a microfinance network of more than 146 country members, and Vice Chair of FAVDO, the Federation of Voluntary Development Organizations, Board Member of Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation, a member of the CNDSI French National Council for Development & International Solidarity, Member of the Senegalese Presidential Council for Investment CPI and President of the group on Investment with high social impact.  Soukeyna is a graduate of Sociology and Management of development organizations.