ElleSolaire partners with NANN-K to promote solar energy and women’s entrepreneurship at Baaba Maal’s Festival Blues du Fleuve

The Blues du Fleuve Festival takes place in Podor, Senegal on 6-8 December 2019.  It is organised by the renowned singer and guitarist Baaba Maal to celebrate the people of his native region and encourage the growth of local communities in alignment with sustainable development.

ElleSolaire is excited to announce that we have been invited as partners of the NANN-K organisation to bring the benefits of solar energy and women’s entrepreneurship to the Podor community throughout the event!

During the Festival, which welcomes over 10 000 people free-of-charge, ElleSolaire will be :

  • Installing a solar system at the Health Centre of Bellele Kelle with an Official Opening Ceremony presided over by Baaba Maal himself.
  • Hosting a Solar Women’s Entrepreneurship Workshop for the women of Podor.
  • Exhibiting solar products throughout the Festival; on the Quai de Podor during the day and in the Municipal Stadium of Podor during the evening concerts.

 « Global climate change is leading to a humanitarian crisis which threatens all people,  the most vulnerable being some of the world’s poorest.  Embracing new technologies like solar energy is a step in the right direction and for this reason NANN-K is proud to have invited ElleSolaire to the region of Podor to showcase their solutions during the Blues Du Fleuve festival. By introducing solar energy products to the area we increase awareness of the benefits, and provide some solutions, and through their training programs we engage women from rural communities, providing jobs and helping to fight poverty.  Every action helps and every individual can play their part to make our planet sustainable so that we have a future.” says Baaba Maal.

If you are interested in hearing and seeing more about ElleSolaire’s actions at the event, please do follow us @ellesolaire on Twitter and Instagram as we will be posting throughout!