ElleSolaire partners with IFC as part of the #Energy2Equal

Under the four-year Energy2Equal initiative, launched in partnership with the Government of Canada, IFC partners with renewable energy companies including ElleSolaire to expane women’s access to jobs, leadership positions and entrepreneurial opportunities within the renewable energy space.

By 2040, renewable energy could provide more than 40 percent of all power generation capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa.

But, despite the sector’s importance, women are being left behind. Women lag men in leadership and technical jobs in the renewable energy sector and represent just one third of the renewable energy workforce worldwide, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. The gender gap is driven by unequal access to education, limited access for women to technical skills and training opportunities, as well as unfair company policies, among other factors.

“Enhancing women’s participation in the renewable energy sector is not only about employing more women, it is also about promoting women’s entrepreneurship through corporate supply chains and community engagement and investment strategy. IFC will work with companies to reduce these gender gaps,” said Anne Kabugi, IFC’s Regional Gender Lead for Africa.

“Closing the gender gap in renewable energy is not only a pressing moral and social imperative, but an economic opportunity for all involved.” Kelly Nwachuku-Lavelle, Founder and Executive Director, ElleSolaire.