Over 3500 people in Senegal have light in their homes for the first time

The ElleSolaire 6-month pilot is now complete and there are more than 3500 people in rural Senegal, in the region of Fatick to be exact, who now have reliable sustainable light in their homes. Quite a result!

For the first time ever, less than 1 billion people worldwide are without electricity, but over 600 million of those are in Africa. In fact, energy poverty affects over 100 million women and girls in West Africa alone.

It is the local women who are taking up the challenge to become women entrepreneurs, who are bringing about real change in rural Senegal.  They have stepped up to become sales agents for ElleSolaire solar energy products and are bringing this sorely needed energy source into the homes of their communities.

In addition to the benefits of living with safe, clean light – decreasing time poverty and providing the means by which professional and educational activities can be conducted beyond the hours of daylight – the women’s income can also be reinvested in their communities. Examples of the impact their earnings to-date can drive:

  • Secondary schooling for 125+ children
  • 2500+ local health clinic visits
  • Additional food (4600kg rice)
  • One year’s worth of clothing for 45 children

Each woman entrepreneur also carries the pride of knowing that she herself is bringing about these changes.  It is amazing what #WomenWithEnergy can do.